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Victoria Clinic provides a wide range of dental and medical specialists that are available for consultations and treatments:

  • Private GP
  • Gynaecologists and Obstetricians
  • Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Orthopedist (available soon)
  • Counsellor (available soon)

Diagnostic procedures:

  • Healthy and ill check-ups
  • Newborn check-up
  • Ears cleaning
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Thyroid Ultrasound
  • Gynaecological Ultrasound
  • Obstetrics Ultrasound

Most of our specialists offer an appointment times of twenty to thirty minutes. During your visit the doctor will take medical history of you and your family, examine you, discuss the possible causes for your symptoms, discuss treatment options, possibly issue a prescription, arrange tests or referral and discuss any follow up arrangements. 

Things to consider before you see the doctor:
What do I want to achieve from my visit to the doctor?
Do I want a diagnosis, medication, reassurance, tests, sick note or is it a follow up appointment for an ongoing problem?
Sometimes the doctor has asked to see you, in which case it is likely to be for a medication review or for follow up of an ongoing illness.


In the majority of cases the doctor will want to examine you. Depending on your problem, the doctor may need to ask you to undress. If you think this is likely, please wear suitable clothing that can be easily removed. Doctors always find it easier to do blood pressure checks in the summer!
If you bring a child or elderly person to see the doctor, please bear this in mind also.

If the doctor needs to do an “intimate” examination, He/she should offer you the choice of having a chaperone present (usually a nurse or health care assistant). If they do not, please feel free to ask for one as the doctor will not think any less of you. The doctors themselves may also ask for a chaperone to be present during the examination.

Sometimes it is useful to bring a sample of urine with you if you think the doctor may wish to test it. This is especially important if you have any “waterworks” problems.