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Dorota Halama

Dorota Halama

By profession psychologist, also works as a personal development coach and therapist. Within many years of experience, courses, conferences and in particular, work in interdisciplinary teams of psychiatrists, neurologists, gynaecologists, psychologists, experienced and above all, every day she explores new psychotherapy techniques. Hers special interests are within scope of children with development disorders.

As a personal development coach she conducts sessions of EEG Biofeedback which is a professional training of the brain, which aims to norm its bioelectrical activity - this results in an overall improvement in the functioning of the human body. It gives the ability to improve concentration, improves memory, learning speed, entering into a state of relaxation (and thus coping with stress), better control over emotional reactions. Particularly helpful in the treatment of children with disorders in attention, memory, with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia) and emotional disorders. Biofeedback method is recommended as well for healthy patients who want to improve efficiency in various areas of their lives.