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Dr Małgorzata Staszek – Biernat

I'm a doctor of Aesthetic Medicine and graduate of School of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti Ageing in Warsaw. My experience in aesthetics is no longer than 4 years, but I think that is a huge advantage rather than a disadvantage. By learning both theory and practice in college and many additional specialized training, I used the latest achievements of science and technology in the field of aesthetics - small or big calibre. I do not have old and outdated habits. This is very important because knowledge and progress in this field is very intense. I trained people who are the best experts in country and abroad. I love what I do and I'm happy to enhance the beauty of yourself and others, using only proven, most modern and safe formulations and devices even at the expense of higher prices. I realize that the most valuable is security.

Range of activities:

- Fillers: hyaluronic acid, Radiessse, PRP, etc. (to be filled out, furrows, lifting contours of your face, lips)

- Botox (forehead, the lion's wrinkle)

- Threads PDO

- Needle Mesotherapy - revitalization of the face, neckline, neck, abdomen, thighs (cellulite, revitalization)

- Microneedling - Dermapen

- Chemical peels (acne, acne scars and smallpox, discolouration, loose skin of the face, stretch marks)