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Dental microscope Carl Zeiss - the worldwide leader in optics

Dental microscope Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico is a modern, compact microscope for diagnostic and operative dentistry, with excellent technical parameters.

Carl Zeiss is a leader in professional optics, uses the most modern of its kind microscope lens constructed of glass of varying density.

With this device in our clinic can be done most complex, requiring a huge accuracy of treatments in the field of endodontics and dental microsurgery. The use of such technical solution allows to carry out treatments and operations with the greatest possible precision, even in the so-called difficult cases, giving a chance to preserve endangered tooth loss.

Computer anaesthesia WAND STA

In our clinic, patients can choose the type of anaesthesia. Is very popular anaesthetic computer WAND STA.

The computer system WAND STA allows execution of completely painless and 100% effective anaesthesia for each treated tooth without side effects. This is allowed because of an electronic sensor that recognizes position of applicator and a special technique of anaesthesia. WAND STA device is recommended especially for children and patients with dental fear, and also for all those who are afraid of pain associated with the surgery anaesthesia.

The device X Smart Dual for root canal treatment

This is the electronic device that allows the development of root canals according to the highest standards of root canal treatment. The integrated system of tools rotary nickel-titanium system and measuring the length of the working channel makes the root canal treatment is precise, effective and safe.

The time of the patient's on dental chair is shortened to a minimum!

OPG (pantomogram) gender orthalix

The clinic Victoria Clinic can perform on-site photo panoramic allows diagnosis for all teeth and the correctness of their position. Panoramic photograph is a routine element in the diagnosis of major restorations, dental implants, orthodontics and periodontics. The stomatologist is able to perform photo within 1 minute and discuss them with the patient on a monitor screen. Through the use of digital sensor, radiation dose was reduced by 90%. The software allows the physician to perform additional measurements. At the request of the patient image may be issued in an e-mail after the query is sent by the same way. This enables immediate access.opg_zdjecie

VistaScan digital radiographic system

Victoria Clinic is equipped with the most modern digital radiographic system. In all our surgeries X-ray allow us to perform on-site intraoral photographs. These images are necessary for the correct diagnosis before root canal treatment or extraction (removal) tooth. The dentist is able to take pictures within one minute and discuss them with the patient on a monitor screen. Through the use of digital sensor radiation, dose was reduced by 90%. The software allows the physician to perform additional measurements. At the request of the patient image may be issued in an e-mail after the query is sent the same way. This enables immediate access.

Dental Chair Sirona Teneo with intraoral camera

TENEO is the logical choice for all those who demand only the very best in terms of quality, design and workflow - both today and in the future. Integrated table instrument functions, intuitive handling and innovative controls with many additional options allow us to perform all treatments efficiently, in a time-saving manner and also conveniently. You benefit from incomparable user comfort so all the patients are relaxed as never before.


Dental chair Sirona C8 with intraoral camera

Victoria Clinic is equipped with modern, highly ergonomic, functional and aesthetically appealing dental units Sirona C8. Unit is equipped with intraoral camera with high resolution with the ability to behold the four pictures integrated system presenting radiographs and screen that enables image review both the doctor and the patient.

Using intraoral camera, patient is actively involved in the treatment process and the doctor can explain problems shown on the screen.

Sandblaster - Painless plaque removal

Sandblaster helps in effective, painless removal of tartar (coffee, tea, cigarettes) thanks to special powder release under proper pressure. It is ideal in the preparation of the enamel surface for further treatments, for example fluoridation or bleaching.

Proper construction of the spray nozzles allows the stream to reach every portion of the surface of the tooth, also for hard to reach interdental surface, guaranteeing the same excellent cleaning effect. Discoloration is removed, teeth remain white and shiny.

The device Raypex 5 - specialized measurement in root canal therapy

Victoria Clinic performs root canal treatment also using endometer Raypex5, which allows to control proper depth of canals during cleaning. Thanks to this we are able to perform very exact measurement of the length of each canal, without the necessity of subjecting the patient to X-ray radiation. Endometer is characterized by the greater precision than traditional X-rays.

Using endometer allows for accurate filling of a root canal, minimizing complications arising from the failure or the overflow channel.

VDW Gold Reciproc - endomotor in root canal therapy

By using equipment of only manufacturer in the world specializing exclusively in the field of endodontics we are confident and we use the most modern and best adapted equipment for the surgery procedures. It gives the possibility of determining the working length using both hand tools and control the working length of the canal preparation.

Endomotor stops working automatically upon reaching the apex ensuring 100% cleaned canals.

Micromotor for Implant procedures

During the surgical and implant procedures in Victoria Clinic we use the micromotor Variosurg NSK with the infusion pump.

It has many advantages, of which in the first place we should mention the power and precised operation. Thanks to sleeve with the light it ensures convenience during operation. Optical fiber can optimally illuminate the treatment area. The use of ultrasound made it possible to reduce the emission of heat, and therefore less exposure to osteonecrosis and damage surrounding the soft tissue. Also it includes a number of features for example: setting height, torque, way of cooling. This allows for precise and safe placement of implants in bones and perform a variety of surgical treatments of previously scheduled settings.