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I am an orthopedic technician with many years of practice and professional experience since 1987.

For many years I have been performing orthopedic and rehabilitation items not only for patients from all over Poland, but also for a growing number of patients and clients from abroad. Since 2016 I have also been active in the UK.

My specialty is to make specialized orthopedic inserts for individuals. Using modern technology, I am able to make inserts for all posture defects, deformities and foot or joint disorders. I only use materials of the highest quality, high elasticity and softness of the covering in the foot. I also specialize medicinal insoles, which are very accurate and precisely tailored to individual needs.

I have a wide range of orthopedic inserts with cushioning features. In my offer you will also find orthopedic insoles for work shoes for both women and men as well as insoles for physically active and athletic people.