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The doctor may decide that you need to see a different consultant to confirm the diagnose or to obtain a treatment. If this is the case
the doctor might recommend different specialist or will write a Summary Of Treatment to your NHS General Practitioner to request an appointment. 

If the specialist has ordered tests and samples had been obtained within the practice, the results will be e-mailed to you once available to the Clinic. The results of these tests will be given to your Clinician at your next appointment. In urgent cases tests results will be presented to specialist upon his/hers request.

Private referrals

If you wish to see a specialist privately or you have private health insurance, let the doctor know, as the referral method is slightly different. Every private provider has a different path of referring system, which will be provided to you upon request. This is not covered by NHS services and a fee is payable.

Victoria Clinic is happy to offer you a consultation and treatment if you are in a private health insurance scheme. Service fee is fully payable on a day of the treatment for you will receive an invoice or your health insurer form will be signed by either GP or specialist.